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“When Vishwasaha walks in the room, it’s hard to suppress the smile that immediately follows. Vishwasaha has a way with words that explains reality and puts one’s problems into perspective. It was a pleasure being one of Vishwasaha’s students because she dramatically impacted my life. She taught me how to move through my day with ease and to enjoy and be inspired by every moment. I have completely alleviated stress from my life because she has taught and demonstrated in her own life the importance of choosing happiness regardless of negative circumstances that are present in everyday life. Vishwasaha has a beautiful heart and a warm spirit, which allows her to care deeply about the people she comes in contact with. Vishwasaha has given me the tools to live a life filled with laughter, joy, and true bliss.”

~Brooke Robie, Student Loyola Marymount University


I have known Vishwasaha for more than 10 years, I have known her through several different contexts, first as a ballet teacher at Loyola Marymount University where we were colleagues, then as friend where we have shared much laughter through our growth as human beings, and always along the way she has been a spiritual mentor.

One of the things I have appreciated about Vishwasaha over these years is that fundamentally she is both a scientist and an existentialist embodied as an artist. Her knowledge of yoga and other spiritual studies have led her to living a life that is governed by compassion and wisdom. She does not decorate her life with these philosophies, they are not ornate attributes to her character, they are the honest truth of who she is. Vishwasaha is authentic, truthful, hilarious, wise beyond her years and foremost she is insightful.

I believe Vishwasaha has the ability to lead individuals towards greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in. She does not do this from a position of pretentious authority but through humble experience. Although it is hard not to marvel at Vishwasaha’s physical appearance it is nothing compared to the extraordinary beauty of who she is as a human soul.

Over the past decade I have watched her transform the lives of emerging dancers as they pursue professional careers in the field of dance. A career in dance is not only physically demanding but psychologically stressful. She has a fine tuned ability to support human beings emotionally and psychologically as they pursue physically demanding challenges.

Simply put, Vishwasaha transforms lives. I would encourage any human being in pursuit of transformation to avail themselves of the opportunity to get to work with such a masterful teacher.

Holly Johnston Movement Specialist-Artist-Educator
Integrated Human Action–Founder/Creator


“From Vishwasaha I learned not only about the amazing abilities of the human body, but also about life! She is generous, playful, and gives the most rewarding challenges to each individual. I learned so much through her teaching, but her simple and graceful presence is what I remember and is in itself an enlightening experience!”

~Andrea Parsons

Northwest Dance Project, Dancer and Princess Grace Awardee 2011


“Learning with Vishwasaah helped me develop the ability to isolate muscles and control my center. Her class also helped me understand which muscles to activate in every exercise giving me more control over my body and technique.”

Amelia Emma Forrest, Dancer at Opera Baltycka Gdansku POLAND



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