What makes you run?


What get’s you going?  For what do you run?  How are you propelled into action.  There are so many things out there that you can do, run behind and follow?  Are you living your daily actions consciously or are you listen to everyone else but yourself?

Take a moment today to pen down what you are running after.  Now, ask yourself why you do not have what you desire?  What words stop you from the action to achieve your dreams?  What to you tell yourself?  Contemplate and write it all down.  Even narrow it down to a specific event.  Re-live it.  What words did you tell yourself in those moments?  They are your beliefs. Remember there is no right and wrong here.  Just look in.

Do they still hold up with your highest truth.  If not drop them.  If they feel right and suitable for you then hold on to them.  If they are stopping you from your highest good then release them.

Go to the root of your patterns and limiting belief systems.  Healing happens when we “un-clutch” from old habits that keep us as a victim.  Remember it is you who chose to pick up the patterns in the first place.  And it is you who can drop them.  Responsibility is key in healing.

Be responsible.  Be your very dream.  Drop the very thought of limitation.


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