Manifestation, creation and I am getting in the way?


Letting go of old stuck beliefs systems can be a bit tricky. Our personalities are very good at covering up our truths.  We live in a world that encourages hiding our true feelings so when we expose ourself we can  become defensive, angry or even project hate on to the one trying to help.

Usually when we want something and either don’t have it or feel like it’s impossible to achieve there is an energetic block in our mind-body system that stops us from our manifestation.  The truth is we are very successful creators.  So, if we are having a bumpy time manifesting our dreams we need to look in and what we are choosing that is blocking our creativity.

A lot of the times these blocks and  old limiting belief systems are lying so deep in our unconsciousness that we are not even aware we are at the root of our very own dilemma. We like to feel that the problem lies outside of our selves.  We like to think that because of the economy we aren’t successful at business, or that because of our employee we are not achieving results.  The truth is your state of being is attracting the employee that you hired.  So if your employee is dishonest or lazy you too share this quality other wise you wouldn’t be drawn to each other.  When you heal the dishonesty or laziness in you, you will heal it in your employee.  And either your employee will turn over a new leaf or feel the need to leave your environment because it fails to resonate with his/her belief systems.  Flowers attract butterflies and bees and rotting garbage attracts rats and bugs.

If we change our selves and our belief systems we can shift into the reality that we want and desire.  We can have that new business but we have to first work on ourselves before we can see our dreams come to reality.

So lets look at a limiting patter that can show up.  Let’s say you want to start your own business.  This is something that you have been dreaming about for years but for some reason you can’t seem to go ahead and make any head way in that area of your life why?  Well, there is a block in your mental/emotional set-up not allowing for you to move forward.

No matter how hard you try to take steps in the direction of your dream, like having your own business, unless you address the root pattern of what is blocking you will avoid to be successful in that area.  And the truth is this root pattern or block that you carry has always been there blocking all that you do.

Just because you are deciding to work on your career and want to go ahead in your self employment this pattern is showing up here.  But if you really look deep the root pattern is the same reason why perhaps you didn’t make the baseball team in school, or why you fell sick before your exams, or why you help your boss but not your self, or why you overeat when you are full.

When we examine our old limiting belief systems we realise that we use these belief systems as excuses that either drive us into proving our self-worth with achievements or that drive us to sabotage the very desires that we long for.  We create a world around these belief systems and attract people and events into our lives that will uphold them.

When we shift out of them we will feel a loss, our friends will fall away, our jobs will disappear because all of our external surroundings that we created were held together by our belief systems.  everything resonated at the same frequency.  When you shift your frequency, when you move from static on the radio to another clear channel you have  to drop where you were at.

This can be traumatic for people as they grow and shift into new realities.  The importance for creating a support system or ritual during these transitions can be helpful.  Remember when one thing falls away there is space for something else to come into fruition.


One response to “Manifestation, creation and I am getting in the way?

  1. I learned that my ego was getting in the way to protect me from the unfamiliar – limiting beliefs! Surrounding myself with the right community of friends, always working on my thoughts, shifting my patterns consistently to get out of my own way, I am making GREAT strides now!! Anyone can. You’ve got some basics here.

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