Fall into feeling connection with the mother


To really know your Self is to know all the dimensions and facets of nature.  We are not separate from nature.  We are nature.  To see the spring flowers grow, bud, and bloom is to see this happening and capacity in our selves.  To bloom.  To grow.  To express our unique fragrance.  We too like the flower share similar qualities.  We too have a unique spirit that can grow and bloom.

The ancient yogis and indians knew to study, learn and commune with nature to enhance the individual spirit.  When we imbibe, invoke, and call forth the qualities of nature, animals and plants we draw upon a wealth of powers and attributes that can help us walk on planet earth with lightness, ease and power.

As we walk our bare feet on the divine mother earth ask yourself how do you tread?  Feel you feet sinking in the sand, skipping in the grass, or rolling over the dew covered moss and commune with the different elements beneath you.  What does each environment evoke for you?  How can you find a connection to the source and what qualities does it bring out in you?

Know that in returning to your wholeness you can remember these feeling of attunement to mother earth any time you feel out of balance, ungrounded, or simply stressed and fatigued from the comings and goings of the modern-day happenings.

Mind keeps us fragmented, scattered and looking for what is next.  It keeps us going and running.  As we shift into the heart and the feeling connection we can support our healing with the divine mother earth.

What are you invoking today?  Call on remembrance.  Invoke  the qualities of our beloved mother nature and melt in arms.  She can show you, guide you, and nurture you into your full potential.  But she can’t interfere in your free will.  You have to open up like the flowers and bloom.  You must allow for the nurturing and the caring embrace.  What you resist will persist.  Open and receive the fruit of the natural world around you.

Feel the fire element in the sunlight, be touched by the flowing water of the brook, dance in the  movement and circulation of the cool spring breeze, dig into the garden soil and ground into the earth element and marvel into expansion of the epic space called sky.  Heal.


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