Life purpose anyone?


How do you know what your path and purpose is?  I get this question a lot.  And I have gotten this question a lot especially by my very own self.  I can understand and empathise with your struggle because I myself had an uncanny ability to KNOW my way (like we all do) but very rarely chose to honor it.  WHen I found my center, stepped up into my courage, and let what needed to drop fall away I shifted in to a marvelous world of knowing, seeing and becoming TRUTH.

 If we carry this question of what is my life path or what is my purpose and mission we are seeking.  We perhaps have just begun to awaken or  to change and are not satisfied with what is being offered.  We perhaps feel like there is another way of living that offers peace, hope and nourishment to the souls longing.

If this question is there, “What is my life purpose?”  the space that we are choosing to be in that moment of the questioning can not lead us to KNOWING.  Knowing comes from any other place but the head and questioning.We want to get to the source.  We want to get to the root of the questions to a space where the questions fail to be.  Of course there is nothing wrong with questions.  They guide us along our way and when we can step aside and come to a space of deep listening and receptivity answers will come to us that are from SOURCE, that are from a place deeper than our minds.

Go ahead and ask the universe a question.  Perhaps a question like “Universe what kind of activities brought me joy as a child?”  And/or “how can I connect again with those joyous  activities in this present moment?” The response may come in many ways.  It might be instantaneous.  It might take days to surface.  One tip that can be helpful is to fall in love with patience. 

As the response comes listen, feel and observe.  If you can sift deeper beyond the mind chatter you will get signals coming from the body.  The chemical changes of the body can change and feelings of innocence, high energy, joy may actually be experienced in the present moment just by opening yourself up to the thoughts about what brought you joy in childhood. 

Knowing comes from feeling, sensing, tuning to the energies in and around you. In finding clarity on your life path or connecting with what job, relationship or health decision to make perhaps ask the universe a helpful question and in a meditative state listen, feel and gather the sensations from the inner landscape of the body to provide answers that are deep, answers that come from within, and that go far beyond the resource of the chattering mind.  

Write down your experience from your findings.  Gather information about your self and begin to uncover just what it is that you have a passion to go behind and the patience to invest in. When you really love something you will have an unwavering endurance to stay with it, whatever that is specific to your needs and being.

When your questioning mind  settles you will  find that you have experienced KNOWING on many occasion.  You will be able to recall moments where you  JUST KNEW.  You didn’t know why.  Your mind wasn’t involved but you JUST KNEW.  It can from your gut.  And it could have been an experience as simple as, ” I just knew to take the long route home from work today” only to find out when you got to your home that there was a big traffic jam on your regular route home from the office.

You can ask yourself how did I know to follow my gut?  What made you listen to that choice instead of carrying on with the routine and pattern?  You JUST KNEW.  You followed a strong feeling about what to do next.  You took the risk to do something out of the ordinary that lead you into the unknown.  You were guided from something bigger than your rational mind. 

Knowing what your life purpose is a journey that only you know.  It is an ever-changing journey that unfolds as you make choices that follow your heart and unfold as your dreams present themselves to you.  There are many ways.  Yours is unique and not written yet.  Others can guide you on your path but you must find what feels right for you.  And only you KNOW what that is for you.


2 responses to “Life purpose anyone?

  1. We’re all here for the same reason—to use our gifts in service. So the best questions are “what are my gifts” and “whom do I wish to serve”.

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