Stop postponing, welcome your dreams & enjoy


Are you postponing your life?  What is it that you dream to create and be?  Know that you are the hero in your very own drama.  No one is judging and the world is waiting for your full expression.  When you have love in your heart work becomes fun, dreams become reality and relationships become a pleasure.

Clicks for success, manifestation and action:

Delay the gratification. If your dream is to knock off those stubborn 10 lbs and your mind keeps you cozy on the sofa with a bag of chips remember in that moment the larger picture. Remember you want to reach your ideal weight. Siting on the sofa with a mouth full of potato chips is fun but it is in conflict with your true desire. Conflicting thoughts cancel each other out and we never see our dreams come to fruition. DELAY THE GRATIFICATION of eating the chips and just hanging out and shift into action.

Substitution.  When we are letting go of an old habit it can be hard for some of us to quit cold turkey.  If you want to cut out sugar from your diet that is a wonderful goal.  Remember that cutting out sugar doesn’t mean cutting out the taste of some thing sweet.  Use SUBSTITUTION as a technique to curb your cravings.  If you usually reach for chocolate around 4pm for a snack substitute that for a smoothie of a cup of fruit.  When we release old patterns and habits we can transition with ease by substituting something else for the temporary feeling of loss to our old ways.

Get to the root.  We really don’t have anything more than the present moment.  When we postpone our dreams for another day we are waiting for a future that never really comes.  Our future doesn’t exist as we dream.  Our future is nothing but the decisions of our past.   We tell our selves that we will get to it tomorrow.  We will start that new painting class next week.  We keep telling our selves the same old story and we follow the same habits of yesterday.  Nothing changes.  We recreate the same patterns in the future.  We sound like a broken record because  it’s been years and we never actually enroll in the class.  Take a look inside at what is really blocking you to get moving on the class, the new job, or even finding a happy relationship.  What are you really afraid of?  GET TO THE ROOT OF IT.  If you didn’t have the excuse you would be fulfilling your dreams.  The excuses are a way for you to not take action.  Pen down all the reasons that keep you from action.  Awaken to your root patterns.

Letting go.  You don’t need to praise your self for your efforts and you don’t need to shame yourself for falling off course.  You have your goal and your dreams held in your mind’s eye and you act upon them.  Some days will be better than other days.  You don’t need to add critique, judgement, reasons or excuses.  It’s a dance and LETTING GO of expectation makes the movements graceful and easy.  Each days comes new.

Beginning, middle, end.  Creation, maintenance, rejuvenation.  There are three energies that sustain the universe.  When we have a goal that we want to see culminate into reality on the physical plane we have to remember the stages of creation, maintenance, and rejuvenation.  Some of us are better at flowing with one energy as opposed to another.  When you are acting on a project know yourself.  Is starting up easy for you but you fail to actually finish or end?  If so, maybe find a friend that can help, be part of your team, or hold you accountable.  May be you are great at keeping the ball rolling and maintaining the new routine but can’t ever seem to start.  Enthusiasm is the name of the game here.  Get excited and get physical.  Start by talking about your dreams and you will see the ball starting to roll.  Never finish a project?  Do a great job on the final term paper but fail to finish the bibliography. Do you always leaving something unattended to at the end?  In this case give your self a time line.  Avoid taking on too much.  Set deadlines and create boundaries.  You are probable going in many directions.  When we balance all three energies BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END OR CREATION MAINTENANCE OR REJUVENATION we can be sure that our dreams come to be fulfilled.


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